Friday, October 05, 2007

The many faces of Megan

Just some random photos of our big girl. She is getting so big and is talking a mile a minute. We are currently getting ready for Halloween. Tomorrow we will visit a pumpkin farm to pick out a "BIG" pumpkin as Megan would say. If she had her way she would bring home a "BIG PINK" pumpkin. Lately everything has to be pink. She is obsessed with the color pink. She is at a really fun age and she is providing Steve and I with a lot of laughs.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Home Improvements

It's been a busy summer, we've been busy working on the landscaping around the front of the house. First, Steve and I installed a new paver walkway and steps up to the front porch. Then we had landscapers come in to redo the beds with new shrubs and plants. It looks much so much better already! Most of our Labor Day weekend was spent working on our front lawn (or should I say Steve's weekend as my involvement was very limited). Our grass was totally weeds so Steve dug up the whole lawn and then re-seeded it with new grass seed. I can't wait to see the final results, I'm not sure I want to see our water bill though. We did get to go to Candy and Tom's for a party and some swimming on Labor Day so it was a good end to our weekend.

Megan showing off her teeth! Hmmm...what is it going to cost us for braces?

I love to laugh! Steve must have just hit himself with a hammer, she seems to enjoy that sort of thing, I bet she's going to love the Three Stooges when she gets older.

Steve raking our dirt lawn, we'll probably be buying sod in the spring when none of this grass grows.

The place is starting to shape up. By the time we're retired it'll be nice.

Our front lawn, or lack of our front lawn.

Here are a couple of before pictures for those who have forgotten what the place used to look like.

This one is circa 2003, before we had even moved in.

Here is what it looked like before we had the driveway re-paved last year.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Our week at the beach

We recently got back for our annual summer trip to the beach. Megan had a great time going to the beach, jumping in the waves, eating ice cream, getting her first pedicure, biking on the boardwalk and playing with all her cousins. This year she also decided that the amusement rides were fun too. We were all sad to leave after the week was over. We will be back next year!

Beach Baby

Playing with her cousins on the beach

On the ferris wheel with Daddy

View from the ferris wheel

On the ferris wheel with Mommy who looks like she
got a little too much sun on her cheeks

Megan driving the dune buggy

Megan and cousin Allie taking a train ride

Anyone want to take a boat ride with me?

Megan's dream job is to drive a big truck,
preferably a "Pink Garbage Truck"

Megan and cousin Alex. Megan loved the race car because it went fast!

Getting her first pedicure from her cousin Emily

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A couple of firsts

Megan has had the opportunity to experience a few new adventures since our last post. First of all we went strawberry picking on a great big farm. We had a great time learning about animals that you find on a farm, then we even got to feed some of them! We then took a ride on a wagon that was pulled by a big tractor. Megan really wanted to ride on the tractor! The wagon took us out to the strawberry fields where we proceeded to pick (and eat strawberries!) Daddy was thrilled with our adventure because he got to eat the yummy pie that we made from the strawberries after we got home.

The other exciting thing that Megan experienced recently was her first bike ride. I took Megan to the store to get a bike helmet. She was so excited to get a helmet. I thought she was going to want to wear it to daycare that day. Luckily she is excited about wearing it because later that night we put her on the bike seat for her first ride and she didn't mind having it on. Steve took her around the block for her first bike ride. She really had fun on the bike. We look forward to doing more bike riding in the future with her.

Monday, June 18, 2007

The horses come to Megan's school

Today was an exciting day as the horses came to Megan's school. They usually come once a month and Megan loves to ride them! Today there were two horses, Bubba (the little guy) and Sugarcake (the bigger horse). Steve had the day off so we walked up to her school in order for Megan to ride the horses. As you can see she had a great time. It was especially fun for Mom and Dad to finally get to see her in action on the horses.


Bubba is such a nice horse!

I like the big horses!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I have always loved little girls with pigtails. I have been trying to get Megan to wear pigtails for about a year now. Finally she will let me put them in her hair and she will keep them in there at least for a couple of hours. I love them and think she looks so cute!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Our Day in the Country

Our good friends Ann and Dave have a beautiful house out in the country. We invited ourselves down this past weekend and we had a great time just hanging out. Megan got to run around, play some musical instruments and wrestle with a large ball. It was a great day to just kick back and enjoy some quiet time with some good friends. Here are some of the highlights of the day:

Bowling for Megan

This is a huge ball!

This is fun!

Best family photo we could get

Ann and Megan's band - Look for us on tour soon!

Practicing my back handspring

Dave - Why didn't you tell me if I drink out of a big, full glass of water that I may spill it all down my shirt?

Taking time to smell the flowers (and pick them!)

Monday, May 07, 2007

Megan's Birthday Party

Megan just turned 2!!! We had a birthday party for her on Saturday and naturally she got completely spoiled by the Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles. Amy got all Martha Stewart on us and made this Elmo birthday cake for Megan, in case anyone is wondering, Elmo is the coolest thing ever! The cake turned out really great, Amy is willing to make Elmo cakes for anyone interested, a cool $100 bucks gets you one Elmo cake. Don't think of it as an expensive cake, think of it as a donation to Megan's college fund, ok maybe Daddy's beer drinking fund.

My Elmo cake made by Mommy

I love my cake!!

I don't think I like this singing chicken, thanks Uncle Tom for scaring the daylights out of me at my own birthday party. Maybe the profits from those Elmo cakes can pay for some of the therapy I'm gonna need later in life.

My new sandbox. Megan still can't quite figure out this sand thing, she is still calling this stuff snow.

I love opening presents!